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Ucluelet Whale Watching & Wildlife Tours


Quick Details

  • Private tour for up to 10 guests

  • Only one group per boat

  • Duration: 3-3.5 hours

  • All ages welcome

  • Flexible departure times

  • 30 foot covered vessel


  We provide private boat tours on the waters surrounding The Pacific Rim. These are not one size fits all tours. Every crew's ideal experience, just like every day on the ocean, varies based on each group's particular needs. With our approach, we are able to place our focus solely on creating and facilitating the right experience for your crew. 

Private Whale Watching Tour

  Bask in the scenery of our rugged coastline as we travel out of the Ucluelet Inlet and towards Barkley Sound and The Broken Group Islands. Immerse yourself in our local marine ecosystem, home to a diverse group of marine mammals, from Sea Otters and Sea Lions, to Humpback and Grey Whales.

  On our Ucluelet whale watching tours we most commonly see Humpback Whales and Grey Whales in their historical inshore feeding grounds. The first of the whales show in February as they migrate north along the west side of Vancouver Island en route to Alaska. Whales begin to congregate inshore in anticipation of the spring Herring spawn which brings hundreds of marine mammals and birds together for a feeding frenzy in our local waters. Later on, the whales settle into their summer territories were we see them from Long Beach, all the way south through The Broken Group Islands and down towards Bamfield. Although Grey Whales and Humpback Whales are our most common whale sightings, we are part of the Transient Killer (Orca) Whale's territory and welcome the occasional visit from them as well.

  Our whale watching tours commonly see a mirage of marine life as we cruise through the islands. Keep an eye out for Sea Otters, Steller and California Sea Lions, Porpoise, Bald Eagles, and Black Bears combing the beaches.

Private Tour Rates

$197 per person (4 guests)

$185 per person (5 guests)

$169 per person (6 guests)

$165 per person (7 guests)

$159 per person (8 guests)

$153 per person (9 guests)

$147 per person (10 guests)


$30 discount per child 12 and under. Seniors discount (65+) $10 off posted rates. 

Minimum charge 4 standard rate guests per tour. 

*All rates in CAD. We do not charge fuel surcharges*

*Optional gratuities, and 5% GST not included*

Book Your Adventure

We only book one group per trip (just you and your crew, no mixed bookings onboard)

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